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Common Causes and Symptoms of Meningitis

Do you know much about meningitis? Perhaps you’ve seen or heard about recent the outbreaks of meningitis – they usually makes the national news, especially in fatal cases. Meningitis is not anything to mess around with and a great deal of caution usually surrounds any instances of the illness. Let’s take a closer look at this potentially life-threatening illness.

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BEE Healthy! Natural Remedies Straight From The Hive

Albert Einstein hypothesized that the existence of human life is contingent on the existence of bees. These divine insects pollinate more than 100 types of crops in the US and facilitate the reproduction of vital vegetation to feed our livestock. Without bees, our agriculture and ecosystem would surely suffer, with our economy and health following close behind. But in addition to these circuitous effects, bees also provide direct benefits, yielding a variety of bi-products that boast powerful medicinal and esthetic qualities. From hive to health, here are the most buzz-worthy remedies.

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Honey Better than OTC Cough Syrup for Kids’ Colds


Science is really starting to invest in some effective alternative treatments for the common cold and cough – which can be especially helpful for your little ones. After all, who wants to give their child an alcohol-based cough syrup like Nyquil?

So, what are these alternative treatments that we speak of? Well, the next time your child is coughing (and miserable) at night, try giving him or her some honey instead of the typical over-the-counter medicine. Yes, honey! According to Israeli researchers from the Pediatric Community Ambulatory Care Clinic, giving a child just one or two teaspoons of honey before bed can eliminate most of the symptoms brought on by the common cold. Not only that, but it may be much more effective (and much better for you) than conventional cold medicines.

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The Forgotten Disease That We All Might Have

Consumer Reports reported that the US Navy was experiencing significant issues with submarine sailors battling mood disorders and sickness. Naval scientists confirmed that these mood and physical disorders were the result of living in confined spaces with a plethora of electronic equipment. There premise was the ionic air quality directly correlated with human health, their studies proved them accurate. Electronics notoriously emit high levels of positive ions, which deionize breathing air, leaving it absent of nourishing negative ions. The scientists requested the addition of negative ion generators aboard submarines. This addition quickly alleviated health issues and restored moral on board. The US Navy made it mandatory for these devices to be installed inside submarines.

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The 5 Most Unusual Side Effects of Drugs

You can’t help but laugh when it’s time for prescription drug commercials to list some of the side effects and symptoms. They always set the tone with serene, beautiful music while showing families laughing, playing and relaxing in gorgeous landscapes… all while a soothing voice begins to list off completely horrible symptoms like “diarrhea, vomiting, severe migraines, nausea, genital swelling,” and a host of other terrible side effects. Unfortunately, sometimes these side effects can get much weirder, in ways you didn’t think possible. So before you take that pill for your slight headache, read on to find out if you’ll be waking up in a strange city with tattoos you don’t remember getting.

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