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Andecyn, with IGF-1, Deer Antler Spray Product Review

You may have heard of the controversy surrounding Baltimore Ravens player Ray Lewis, and his supposed use of Deer Antler Velvet spray to help him heal from a potentially career-ending triceps injury.  The “scandal” comes into play because an ingredient in Deer Antler Velvet spray, IGF-1, is one of many on the NFL’s list of banned substances.

Lewis, his teammates, and his coach, John Harbaugh, all deny the claims; while Mitch Ross, the owner of the company Lewis supposedly got his deer antler from (Called SWATS: Sports With Alternatives To Steroids) reportedly has evidence of Lewis’ interest and use of the product.

Listen, whether or not Lewis actually took deer antler velvet and violated the NFL’s code is neither here nor there.  What we really want to talk about today is what deer antler velvet is, and what it can do for your body (and in a completely LEGAL and safe way).

One product we took a look at was Andecyn, made by Swiss Labs.

What Is It?
Deer antler velvet has actually been used medicinally for thousands of years – even way back in 168 B.C.!  Now that’s a product with a long-standing reputation… but why has it stuck around all these years?

Deer antler velvet contains a component called Insulin Growth Factor-1, or IGF-1 for short. This is one of many growth factors in the antler velvet, but perhaps one of the most significant. See, insulin is a major component of your body’s ability to function on a day-to-day basis. Without insulin, you wouldn’t be able to convert the food you eat into energy; nor would your metabolism function correctly.  Unfortunately, as you age, your body’s natural production of IGF-1 diminishes, and you no longer function at top efficiency. That’s where Andecyn can step into help (more on that below).

While deer antler velvet can come in different forms, including pills, capsules and powders, Andecyn is a spray. This makes it more easily absorbable by the body. While other forms must pass through the liver before being utilized, the Andecyn liposome system delivers the main ingredients directly to the bloodstream with up to a 98% absorption rate.

What Does It Do?
First, IGF-1 is an amazing metabolism booster, helping you to convert the food you eat into energy and muscle.  Anyone looking to trim their waistline, would benefit immensely from an increase in IGF. Some experts actually classify IGF-1 as the “ultimate health, muscle and anti-aging factor in the human body.”  In fact, IGF-1 and the other growth factors contained in Andecyn all work together to support the health of your heart, nerves, muscles, tissues, joints, bones, immune system, digestion and so much more!  The formula may even help in wound healing, promote a healthy libido, and boost fat burning potential. Users also report a faster recovery from exercise, noting decreased joint and muscle pain.

Sounds like a miracle formula to me! But in all seriousness, it’s been tested by scientists and researchers and been found to have amazing results. For example, subjects in a randomized, double-blind study who already had heart damage experienced an increase in blood volume pumped through their hearts when they supplemented with IGF-1. Other studies in animals have shown tremendous results when it comes to healing nerves – actually repairing and reconnecting nerve endings. And these are just a few examples; the benefits of deer antler velvet seem endless. Basically, based on the research and evidence, almost every age-related condition can be helped in some way or another with the use of deer antler velvet.

Andecyn Ingredients

  • Deer Antler Velvet Extract
  • Stevia Extract

What We Like
Where do we start…?  The delivery system (spray) makes Andecyn one of our top picks for a deer antler velvet product. With a bioavailability rate of 98%, you really can’t go wrong. Another reason for five stars – It addresses SO many age-related problems in its one simple formula. The boost in metabolism has exponential benefits.  And finally, which some of you may have been worried about, there is absolutely no harm to the deer while the velvet is being harvested.  In fact, the velvet comes from the company’s farms in New Zealand, where the animals are kept under close supervision by farmers, veterinarians, and even the New Zealand government.

What We Don’t Like
Now, this isn’t really a fault of the company NOR of the velvet itself; but considering it is considered a performance enhancing substance by the NFL and many other sports organizations, you may want to stay away from it if you’re competing within one of those organizations. This is, of course, unfair to YOU!  Especially considering all of the holistic health benefits you would reap from taking Andecyn – above and beyond “performance enhancing.” Perhaps in the near future more lenience will be given to all-natural substances such as this.

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